Galaxy S4 Firmware – jgedlteue

This page contains all available firmware “jgedlteue” for the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you have any questions about how to flash this stuff onto your device, I would highly recommend doing some reading on the XDA Developers forum. These pages assume you know what you’re doing and I’m not responsible if you mess up your device flashing these firmware packages.

Current Firmware

The most recent version of the jgedlteue firmware is Android 4.4.4/KitKat, build KTU84P.

Build Reference

The table below lists each version of jgedlteue known to exist, along with various links for obtaining and updating it.

Version Build Platform/Bootloader/Baseband Images Deltas Notes
4.2.2 JDQ39 I9505GUEUAMFD N/A N/A
4.3 JWR66V I9505GUEUBMH1 N/A JWR66V from JDQ39
4.3 JWR66Y I9505GUEUBMH5 N/A JWR66Y from JWR66V
4.4 KRT16S I9505GUEUCMKG N/A KRT16S from JWR66Y
4.4.2 KOT49H I9505GUEUCML4 N/A KOT49H from KRT16S
4.4.3 KTU84L I9505GUEUCNE3 N/A KTU84L from KOT49H
4.4.4 KTU84P I9505GUEUCNF3 N/A KTU84P from KTU84L

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